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New Online Book! Handbook of Mathematical Functions (AMS55)
Conversion & Calculation Home >> Currency Exchange Rates >> Currency Converter, List, Cross-Table

Currency Cross-Table

Check two or more Currencies below then press
or select one of the pre-defined cross-tables:
Big Seven/Group of 7, European Monetary Union (EMU), European Union (EU)
Andorran peseta
Argentine peso
Aruban guilder
Australian dollar
Austrian schilling
Bahamian dollar
Barbadian dollar
Belgian franc
Belizean dollar
Bermudian dollar
Bhutanese ngultrum
Bos. and Herz. marks
Brazilian real
British pound sterling
Bruneian dollar
Burmese kyat
Canadian dollar
Chilean peso
Chinese yuan renminbi
Colombian peso
Croatian kuna
Cuban peso
Danish krone
Djiboutian franc
East Caribbean dollar
Estonian kroon
European Union euro
Falkland pound
Fijian dollar
Finnish markka
French franc
German mark
Gibraltar pound
Guatemalan quetzal
Honduran lempira
Hong Kong dollar
Hungarian forint
Icelandic krona
Indian rupee
Indonesian rupiah
Irish pound
Israeli new shekel
Italian lira
Jamaican dollar
Japanese yen
Lesotho loti
Lithuanian litas
Luxembourg franc
Malaysian ringgit
Mexican peso
Moroccan dirham
Namibian dollar
Neth. Antillian guilder
Netherlands guilder
New Zealand dollar
Norwegian krone
Omani rial
Pakistani rupee
Panamanian balboa
Peruvian nuevo sol
Philippine peso
Polish zloty
Portuguese escudo
Saint Helenian pound
Singapore dollar
South African rand
South Korean won
Spanish peseta
Sri Lankan rupee
Swazi lilangeni
Swedish krona
Swiss franc
Taiwanese new dollar
Thai baht
Tunisian dinar
United States dollar
Vietnamese dong

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