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North American States and Provinces
Sorted by Country (Descending) and Name

See the Missing Information Types table for a description of the codes that appear in parentheses.

Name Country Postal
Abbrev. Alt.
Type Capital
(Sq. Km)
(Sq. Km)
(Sq. Km)
Alabama United States AL Ala. Ala. State Montgomery 131,442 4,332 135,775
Alaska United States AK Alas. Alas. State Juneau 1,477,261 222,870 1,700,131
American Samoa United States AS (UNK) (UNK) Territory Fagatogo, Island of Tutuila
Arizona United States AZ Ariz. Ariz. State Phoenix 294,332 943 295,275
Arkansas United States AR Ark. Ark. State Little Rock 134,874 2,867 137,742
Baker Island United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
California United States CA Cal. Calif. State Sacramento 403,968 20,031 424,000
Colorado United States CO Col. Colo. State Denver 268,658 960 269,619
Connecticut United States CT Conn. Conn. State Hartford 12,550 1,808 14,358
Delaware United States DE Del. Del. State Dover 5,062 1,385 6,447
District of Columbia United States DC D.C. D.C. District Washington 159 18 177
Florida United States FL Fla. Fla. State Tallahassee 139,852 30,461 170,313
Georgia United States GA Ga. Ga. State Atlanta 150,009 3,943 153,952
Guam United States GU Guam Guam Territory Agana
Hawaii United States HI Ha. Hawaii State Honolulu 16,636 11,676 28,313
Howland Island United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Idaho United States ID Ida. Ida. State Boise 214,324 2,131 216,455
Illinois United States IL Ill. Ill. State Springfield 143,986 6,021 150,007
Indiana United States IN Ind. Ind. State Indianapolis 92,903 1,424 94,328
Iowa United States IA Ia. Ia. State Des Moines 144,715 1,038 145,753
Jarvis Island United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Johnston Atoll United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Kansas United States KS Kan. Kans. State Topeka 211,921 1,189 213,109
Kentucky United States KY Ky. Ky. State Frankfort 102,906 1,758 104,665
Kingman Reef United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Louisiana United States LA La. La. State Baton Rouge 112,835 21,438 134,274
Maine United States ME Me. Me. State Augusta 79,939 11,714 91,653
Maryland United States MD Md. Md. State Annapolis 25,316 6,819 32,135
Massachusetts United States MA Mass. Mass. State Boston 20,300 7,037 27,337
Michigan United States MI Mich. Mich. State Lansing 147,135 103,602 250,737
Midway Islands United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Minnesota United States MN Minn. Minn. State St. Paul 206,206 18,974 225,181
Mississippi United States MS Miss. Miss. State Jackson 121,506 3,937 125,442
Missouri United States MO Mo. Mo. State Jefferson City 178,445 2,100 180,545
Montana United States MT Mon. Mont. State Helena 376,989 3,859 380,848
Navassa Island United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Nebraska United States NE Neb. Nebr. State Lincoln 199,112 1,245 200,357
Nevada United States NV Nev. Nev. State Carson City 284,396 1,971 286,367
New Hampshire United States NH N.H. N.H. State Concord 23,231 988 24,219
New Jersey United States NJ N.J. N.J. State Trenton 19,215 3,375 22,590
New Mexico United States NM N.M. N. Mex. State Santa Fe 314,333 605 320,118
New York United States NY N.Y. N.Y. State Albany 122,309 18,779 141,088
North Carolina United States NC N.C. N.C. State Raleigh 126,179 13,217 139,397
North Dakota United States ND N.D. N. Dak. State Bismarck 178,694 4,428 183,122
Northern Mariana Islands United States MP (UNK) (UNK) Commonwealth (Unknown)
Ohio United States OH Oh. O. State Columbus 106,067 10,036 116,103
Oklahoma United States OK Okla. Okla. State Oklahoma City 177,877 3,171 181,048
Oregon United States OR Ore. Ore. State Salem 248,646 6,172 254,818
Palmyra Atoll United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Pennsylvania United States PA Pa. Penna. State Harrisburg 116,082 3,208 119,290
Puerto Rico United States PR P.R. P.R. Commonwealth San Juan
Rhode Island United States RI R.I. R.I. State Providence 2,706 1,295 4,002
South Carolina United States SC S.C. S.C. State Columbia 77,987 4,911 82,898
South Dakota United States SD S.D. S. Dak. State Pierre 196,574 3,169 199,744
Tennessee United States TN Tenn. Tenn. State Nashville 106,758 2,400 109,158
Texas United States TX Tex. Tex. State Austin 678,355 17,318 695,673
Utah United States UT Ut. Utah State Salt Lake City 212,815 7,086 219,901
Vermont United States VT Vt. Vt. State Montpelier 23,956 947 24,903
Virgin Islands United States VI V.I. V.I. Territory Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
Virginia United States VA Va. Va. State Richmond 102,558 8,213 110,771
Wake Island United States (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Territory (Unknown)
Washington United States WA Wash. Wash. State Olympia 172,446 12,227 184,673
West Virginia United States WV W. Va. W. Va. State Charleston 62,384 375 62,759
Wisconsin United States WI Wis. Wis. State Madison 140,672 28,981 169,653
Wyoming United States WY Wy. Wyo. State Cheyenne 251,500 1,848 253,348
(All Values) Palau PW (UNK) (UNK) (Not Applicable) (Unknown)
(All Values) Micronesia, Federated States of FM (UNK) (UNK) (Not Applicable) (Unknown)
Aguascalientes Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Aguascalientes
Baja California Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Mexicali
Baja California Sur Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State La Paz
Campeche Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Campeche
Chiapas Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Tuxtla Gutiérrez
Chihuahua Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Chihuahua
Coahuila de Zaragoza Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Saltillo
Colima Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Colimo
Distrito Federal Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) Federal District Mexico City
Durango Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Durango
Guanajuato Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Guanajuato
Guerrero Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Chilpancingo
Hidalgo Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Pachuca
Jalisco Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Guadalajara
Mexico Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Toluca
Michoacan de Ocampo Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Morelia
Morelos Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Cuernavaca
Nayarit Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Tepic
Nuevo Leon Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Monterrey
Oaxaca Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Oaxaca
Puebla Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Puebla
Queretaro de Arteaga Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Querétaro
Quintana Roo Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Chetumal
San Luis Potosí Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State San Luis Potosí
Sinaloa Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Culiacán
Sonora Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Hermosillo
Tabasco Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Villahermosa
Tamaulipas Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Ciudad Victoria
Tlaxcala Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Tlaxcala
Veracruz-Llave Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Jalapa Enríquez
Yucatan Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Mérida
Zacatecas Mexico (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) State Zacatecas
(All Values) Marshall Islands MH (UNK) (UNK) (Not Applicable) (Unknown)
Alberta Canada AB (UNK) (UNK) Province Edmonton
British Columbia Canada BC (UNK) (UNK) Province Victoria
Manitoba Canada MB (UNK) (UNK) Province Winnipeg
New Brunswick Canada NB (UNK) (UNK) Province Fredericton
Newfoundland Canada NF (UNK) (UNK) Province St. John's
Northwest Territories Canada NT (UNK) (UNK) Territory Yellowknife
Nova Scotia Canada NS (UNK) (UNK) Province Halifax
Nunavut Canada (UNK) (UNK) (UNK) (Unknown) (Unknown)
Ontario Canada ON (UNK) (UNK) Province Toronto
Prince Edward Island Canada PE (UNK) (UNK) Province Charlottetown
Quebec Canada PQ (UNK) (UNK) Province Quebec
Saskatchewan Canada SK (UNK) (UNK) Province Regina
Yukon Territory Canada YT (UNK) (UNK) Territory Whitehorse

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